WIDA-Style Writing Prompts for ACCESS Testing Practice

Update: February 2021. It’s ACCESS time again and what a mess this school year has been. If you are giving the ACCESS test this year good lucky. I have added two additional prompts to the Google Doc I shared below. One is for science, biology specifically, and one is an additional opinion letter since that seems to come up every year.

wida prompt science
wida prompt opinion letter

If you live in a WIDA state, then you are likely in the middle of the most wonderful time of the year- ACCESS testing. Okay, so it’s not my favorite time of the year and I’m sure it’s not yours either. In order to prepare for testing it is important to give students some opportunities to do some test prep, for this reason I have created some WIDA-style writing prompts.

This prompts could be used for writing practice before the ACCESS test for students grade 8-12, maybe even down to 7th grade, but they are intended for high school students. Now that the ACCESS testing is fully online a printed materials can’t exactly mimic the look and feel of the test, but these are the same types of questions with a similar look and feel.

I like to give my students WIDA-style writing prompts about three times a year as part of the progress monitoring that I do. I score each student’s writing sample and then keep track of the scores over time. This is all part of my progress monitoring for all my ESOL students.

wida-style writing prompt

I created the prompts using google docs so that they could be easily shared and answered by students. I have attached a link to the WIDA Writing Rubric from WIDA in 2007. I like the way this rubric is easy to score and give feedback to kids.

Click here to get your own Google Docs copy of these prompts.

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