Teaching Refugee by Alan Gratz

building background resources for refugee

I’m teaching Refugee by Alan Gratz with one of my ELL classes and so it’s important that we spend time building background knowledge. This happens to be a class where none of them are coming from a refugee background, so the way I’m approaching this novel is different than I would have done in previous years when I have worked with students who are refugees.

I read Refugee after the hearty recommendation by many, many teachers on the Facebook group for Notice and Note (fabulous reading resource, highly recommend).

We just started last week, but we are going to be doing a lot, a lot of background building for the novel. Most of my kids are either relatively new to the country and don’t have a strong background in what is normally taught in US schools, or relatively new to the country and relatively low-level linguistically in English, or both.

Multimedia Document

The facebook group I mentioned above had some GREAT resources to use for this book.

I also recently completed the Google educator training and learned some cool things. One of which is the idea of multimedia documents. This is basically where you out a variety of internet resources into a document to give to students directly or use yourself.

So, for this book, that’s what I’ve done. I’ve compiled all in the links and resources here in this handy document:


building background resources for refugee by alan gratz

Please feel free to use it when teaching this book and I’m sharing it here. (You can’t click the hyperlinks above, it’s just a screenshot of the document in my google drive folder.)

I’m sharing the link instead of just posting them because I want to be able to continue to add to the document as I find more relevant things for background building for this novel.

Let me know what you think or if you have other resources for this book that I could add!

I’ve also finally added an additional post where I share some other during reading resources for this book.

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