Prediction Questions for the full novel: Home of the Brave by Katherine Applegate




I love this book so much. It’s a great read aloud when you have a short amount of time and can’t commit to a longer novel. I often reading it just after A Long Walk to Walk. Note that I have read this book with ELL middle school to high school seniors. It works well with all levels.

16 total slides, dividing the book into 15 total sections
2 prediction questions per section
instructional suggestions included
This is my students’ favorite class activity!

I project these questions on the board before the read aloud each day and ask the students to choose which answer they think is correct by signing the board with their name under the answer they predict will be correct and reflecting on the correct answers after reading. You could also use these for book clubs, or with independent reading and have students keep them in their notebooks, mark their predicted answer and then use the extra space to reflect on the correct answer after reading. I have a friend who does the questions and records tallies for students as a competition to see who can get the most tallies over time.


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