Illustrated English idioms cards for seating, grouping or memory



This is a set of 24 unique, English idioms. There are 8 cards to a page, 8 pages total, each with an idiom and a picture representing both the literal and figurative meaning of the idiom. The cards are designed to be used a set, so there are two copies of each idiom. The definition of each idiom is provided on the matching card.

These cards are great to use for seating or grouping. You could also print them and use them as a memory game students.

For seating or grouping, I give each student one copy of the card and then they have to find their matching card to find their seat. To make this harder you could place the definitions on the seats and give the students to idiom and its illustration card and ask them to make a match. You could also use these for grouping by color.

This is a downloadable PDF file, nothing physical will be shipped. You will need to download and print the cards. The cards are in color.


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