English Language Development for ELLs Unit 1



This 10-day unit is for use at the start of a new class and is designed specifically for secondary ELLs. This approach is based on my extensive experience working with ELLs. Start your year off right- by building classroom community, establishing rituals and routines, and building literacy skills.

This unit includes:
Detailed teacher plans
107 slides to go with all the activities

Evidence of learning unit activities:
Me by the numbers- get to know you project
Autobiography project slides
Autobiography presentation
Writing baseline assessment
End of unit reflective assessment including vocabulary
Quick writes
Daily exit tickets
Reading goal setting
Weekly google form check-in
Personal inventory/literacy survey
Dialogue journals
Effort rubric
Effort vocabulary
WIDA goal setting

How to use a whole class read aloud and prediction questions and question of the day


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