Hi-lo Novel Study with ELLs

These are some of my favorite novels to use for novel study with ELLs. I normally read them aloud. I also sometimes have kids follow along using the book while I read, but more often than not, I just do them as read alouds. What I like best about the selection of novels below is that they are hi-lo, meaning that they are high interest but low in actual reading difficulty level. This means they are very engaging reads. If you look these novels up they will likely say they are intended for upper elementary students and middle school. However, I use these novels for my high school classes because they are extremely interested and engaging and not “babyish.” It can be difficult to find novels that will be of interest to high school students but are not too challenging for most ELLs to read. These are some of the best that I have found. Each photo links to my units for sale in Tpt.

What novels have you had success teaching with ELLs?