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A reading engagement game for ESOL

This is a fun, quick strategy shared with me by my friend @windsintheeast on Tpt (who I believe learned it from her friend). Super simple and great for reading engagement. I had the kids do their usual read for 10 minutes and then played the game. We have a really small class, so I only did two groups, but you could do more.


Basically, ask the kids a question that they have two minutes to find an answer to in their book (or project the question using a slideshow, this is what I did.) So if the question is, “A student’s excuse for not bringing their homework to class,” they have two minutes to look through their book and find a line or phrase that adequately (and sometimes hilariously) answers the question.

At the end of two minutes, each member of the group shares their response with their group mates. Once everyone has shared the teacher counts to three and on “three” each person points to the group member whose answer they liked best. The teacher hears the winning answer from each group and gets to decide which group answered “best”. That group gets a point. You can play through as many rounds as you have questions to ask that allow kids to find answers in their books.

You can join my freebie library to get a copy of the slides I used for this activity. There are 10 prompts provided, but the possibilities are endless! Here’s what the slides look like:

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