Teaching Idioms with FREE Idiom Book and Dialogue Project

Here’s a free idiom project for you! Teaching idioms to ESL students important for many reasons. Kids will often come into my room and ask me specifically about idiomatic expressions they’ve heard. I do an idiom of the week posted and on the board. But, I also like to do an idiom project at least once throughout the year.

I just finished this idiom book project with my high school classes. We had some awkward time between finishing up the state ESL testing and the start of winter vacation, so I thought an independent project was in order. I did this project a few years ago, but I wasn’t happy with it. I took this an opportunity to upgrade and update the assignment. The result is below:

Check out the free idiom project:


I’m pleased with the results and also pleased with the projects the kids created. I took care to try and made the project accessible. I wanted everyone– even my low-level ELLs to be able to do it independently. You will notice that it has some built-in differentiation. You can probably do even differentiation with it than I did! I shared it  free on Tpt, so here it is!

You can use it for teaching idioms, but also for writing. There is also a secondary dialogue activity for students to do as speaking practice in partners. I graded it on a rubric.

I hope you find this helpful. Let me know if you were able to use this in your classes and how you modified it!