Assessment tracking for ELLs

assessment tracking for ELLs


Too Many Assessments = Too Much Paper

Keeping track of all the assessments you do for kids is hard! For ELLs in my state, we are supposed to be assessing kids three times a year. I don’t know about you, but I don’t find the state-mandated English language proficiency exam, in my case the ACCESS, to be particularly helpful. I like to do my own reading and writing assessments. But after I have all the assessments done, I have a million pieces of paper. This is the system I use to keep track of everything in a neat, organized way. Best of all, it’s all on one sheet and I can easily find it in my google drive.

How to Set Up the “Assessment Tracker”

You just need a new spreadsheet and three columns. At the top: date, assessment given and results. One tab for each student. Create new tabs at the bottom of the sheet for each of your students. I call mine “Assessment Tracker.” It’s super easy to edit and add information. You can easily print it for parent or intervention meetings.

Assessment tracker

For those who prefer hard copies…

If you prefer a hard copy, I added a link to the downloadable word version. If you go this the hardcopy route, I record things the same way, but make one sheet per child. Then, I keep all of the sheets in a folder for the whole year. At the end of the academic year, I file the sheet for each child in their ELL folder that goes with them to the next grade level. I also use these when filling out my progress reports.

Google docs version assessment tracker

To use go to “file” and tell google to make a copy of the file!